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Graduate School of Social Sciences of Ufuk University is going to host the second International Social Sciences Cogress on May 3-4-5, 2023. The congress is going to be held online, and the main theme of the congress has been determined as “Artificial Intelligence and Social Sciences” considering the the information age we live in and that the world is experience a digital transformation and artificial intelligence has become even more significant. In the related section of our website, the suheadings of the congress covering all disciplines of social sciences. It is our objective to bring together scholars and researchers working in social sciences to share their studies and efforts in an international environment. 

Academics applying to present a paper are to handle all application procedures through the congress website. Additionally, participants may also offer themed panels which they believe to be indispensable or other proposals through the address The panels proposed via e-mail are to be evaluated by the Organization Committee and if approved, the regular process will be followed.

The congress is peer-reviewed. There will be no possibility of poster presentation. The abstracts of the papers presented in the Congress will be printed in the Congress Proceedings Book. Additionally, full text papers (in either English or Turkish), the peer review processes of which are completed and accepted for publication, can be published at the Journal of Ufuk University Institute of Social Sciences.

Those who want to to present a paper in the Congress should upload the abstract of their paper that contains 150-300 words at the site and, upon the acceptance of their abstracts by the Scientific Committee, they should upload their full papers by the same means. Developments concerning the Congress will be announced as they occur on the website. The participants will be separately informed on the progress of their process.

Prof. Dr. Mehmet TOMANBAY
Director of Graduate School of Social Sciences,



Important Dates

Abstract Submission:
3 October 2022 - 3 February 2023
Announcement of Accepted Presentation Abstracts:
Acceptance Period for Full Text Presentations:
2 April 2023
Announcement of Congress Programme:

Congress Dates:
3-4-5 May 2023

Contact Us

You can send any questions
related to the congress to
Your e-mails are answered by the authorities as soon as possible.

Academic Promotion Criteria

Our congress is in accordance with the terms of the renewed Academic Promotion Criteria Regulation (for participants from Turkey).


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