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Honorary Committee

Honarary Congress Chairperson

Prof. Dr. Sertaç Hami BAŞEREN

University President

Honorary Congress Deputy Chairperson

Prof. Dr. Mehmet TOMANBAY
Head of the Graduate School of Social Sciences

Honorary Board  

Mütevelli Heyeti
Prof. Dr. Rıdvan EGE            Onursal Kurucu Mütevelli Heyet Başkanı
Prof. Dr. Sertaç Hami BAŞEREN      Rektör V.
Prof. Dr. Haluk YETKİNBaşkan Prof. Dr. Niyazi ERDOĞANRektör Yardımcısı
Av. Mahmut Emin VAROLBaşkan Vekili Prof. Dr. Mete DOLAPÇIRektör Yardımcısı
Mimar Yalçın AKÇINAR
Op.Dr.Behçet SEPİCİÜye
Prof.Dr. Necdet Şükrü ALTUNÜye
Dr.Serhat AYRIMÜye

Board of Trustees

Academic and Administrative Staff


Important Dates

Abstract Submission:
3 October 2022 - 3 February 2023
Announcement of Accepted Presentation Abstracts:
Acceptance Period for Full Text Presentations:
2 April 2023
Announcement of Congress Programme:

Congress Dates:
3-4-5 May 2023

Contact Us

You can send any questions
related to the congress to
Your e-mails are answered by the authorities as soon as possible.

Academic Promotion Criteria

Our congress is in accordance with the terms of the renewed Academic Promotion Criteria Regulation (for participants from Turkey).


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